Automotive, Semi Truck and Agriculture HID Lights
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Order your 55 Watt Xenon HID lights and accessories from the online store. Single beam conversion kits are $75.00,Bi-xenon(dual beam) kits are only $150.00 which includes a pre-wired anti-flicker relay to prevent flickering from the daytime running lights. E-mail me for more info. Located in Lethbridge, AB

HID lights give you an extra 1 sec response time at 100km/h
All products have a 1 year warranty.
Shipping: Only $10.00 (1 kit) $20.00 (4kits) anywhere in Canada.   I can ship C.O.D. if you prefer.
All HID kits have 55 Watt ballasts and 5000K (diamond white) bulbs. I can special order different color bulbs but they are not street legal, they are horrible when its snowing and they do not emit near as much light.

Upgrade your vehicle, machinery or ATV with new HID lights that deliver 3 times as much light as standard halogen bulbs plus they also last up to 5x longer. Got sealed beam lights? I have conversion kits for them also. All HID kits contain 2 HID bulbs,  2 ballasts and easy plug and play wiring that plugs in to your existing light wiring. I also sell relays that will allow your dim lights to remain on when you turn your brights on. This creates exceptional night time driving! Select your vehicle type/bulbs from the Automotive Page and make your kit selection from the online store. I also do custom installs for customers that are in the Lethbridge area.
 If you are unsure about what bulb type you need email me with your vehicle/equipment description and I will send you the info so you can submit your online 
Warning: Watch out out for those cheap HID kits available on EBay. Chances are they are only 35 watts and you will be charged anywhere from $30-$60 shipping as most of them are drop shipped from China. I purchase a minimum 500 kits factory direct in order to be able to supply you with a reliable cost efficent product. The HID kits I supply are CE certified. I have the same product in my own vehicle, semi-trucks and farm machinery for over a year now. When you see the difference HID lighting provides you will never go back to halogen bulbs.
Sealed Beam Selection Tips
4"x6" sealed beam conversion kit replaces halogen headlights: H4651,H4652,H4656,H4662,H4739,H6545,H4666 with an H-4 bulb.
7"x6" sealed beam conversion kit replaces halogen headlights: H6052,H6054,H6059 with an H-4 bulb.
Halogen bulb cross references:
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